Congratulations on deciding to be pain free!
Can you imagine how good it’s going to feel to finally get your life back?

Don’t forget…

Included in the cost of your treatment, along with the all the benefit of our extensive training, you’ll get:

  • free videos of rehabilitation stretches and exercises selected for you by your therapist (if required), emailed to you after your appointment

  • free kinsology tape applications (where appropriate)

We offer free off-street parking, weekend and late night appointments at no extra cost, and emailed reminders of your appointments that can be easily added to your Google or Outlook calendar.

And if you’re still feeling anxious - don’t forget we offer a 33% discount off your first appointment!

Still not convinced? Here’s what our clients say…

I sent my wife to State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy and she was awestruck at the difference after just one session. My wife had one session and came away feeling amazing.
— Client P.R.
What a lovely experience. So relaxing. Definitely want to go again, and they dont rip you off. Well worth a visit folks.
— Client W.C.