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Specialist help for muscle pain, joint pain, nerve issues and injury and chronic pain in Spalding, Holbeach, Crowland, South Holland & Lincolnshire.

Whatever Your Problem, We Can Help You!

By using specialist sports massage techniques, cupping, kinesiology taping and RAPID Neurofascial Reset, we've helped people with a wide range of physical problems including:

Don't let back pain stop you living your life - we've got the specialist skills that can help get you going again!

State 11 Neck Pain - illustration showing neck pain can be helped at State 11

Shoulder and neck pain is very painful - and can even be the cause of headaches or migrates. We can help!

State 11 Knee Pain - illustration of knee pain.

Mobility issues can be both painful and depressing, confining you to the sofa. We'll get you moving again.

Illustration of body wide muscle and joint pain - State 11 can help with muscle and joint sprain throughout the body

We can help with muscle pain, muscle strains and other general aches and pains - just get in touch!

We help people like you, struggling with pain and injury, feel better.

State 11 are husband and wife team, Greg and Vic, who are both highly trained soft tissue and sports massage therapists. They're registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the CNHC, meaning you can be sure they'll give you the most effective treatments personalised for you.
Appointments at State 11's private clinic cost £50 and last around an hour. There's no extra charge for weekend or evening appointments.

State 11 Massage Therapists, Spalding, Vic Paterson and Greg Pritchard

Our Clients Love Us!

"Went into State 11 unable to move my head from left to right after doing handstand push ups. Greg sorted the problem within 5 minutes of being there! I left able to move my head left to right! Friendly and professional service! Highly recommend!"
Georgina R.

With many many years suffering from constant pain in the back of the neck, shoulders and my upper part of my back, Thought this was about time to try something new, just moved to the area and had seen different type of practitioners such as Osteopaths, Chiropractors, and various other holistic treatment including Bowen, This was the first time after one session with Greg to be pain free, OMG, finally a day in excess of 25 years to suffer no pain in my neck, shoulders, To be able to move without being restrictive is a godsend. For those suffering I would highly recommend State 11. Amazing, Amazing Amazing"
Paul H.

It's really difficult to praise someone too much - it often sounds hyped, like "Yeah, that's what they asked you to say". But please believe me, I've tried everything to relieve the pain. So, so skeptical when a friend suggested State 11; took time to even pluck up the courage to an appointment. You present everything about yourself on-line, so as not to eat into the therapists time and you with a one to one on your first visit. The guy, Greg (can't speak for Vic, because mine was physical), is a wizard. You leave thinking "why aren't all doctors as informative and useful as this?.

Greg possesses something and a personal relationship with you that is not taught in medical school. Yet the magical effect is that he cares about YOU. You are not a patient but a person that you can relate to. He really is fantastic and has an uncanny knowledge how the human body reacts and can be healed. Look, I know real pain, broken nearly every bone in my body, replaced hip etc. When you've exhausted everything else, go to Greg and State 11.

No-one else has ever proven themselves, in my opinion, anywhere near their proficiency.

Jonathan S-G.

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