Conditions Treated At State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy
Specialist sports massage therapy in Spalding, Holbeach, Crowland, South Holland & Lincolnshire.

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We use specialist massage, sports massage and manual therapy techniques to help people in pain, people with injuries and people with chronic pain or persistent pain.

Greg Pritchard of State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy, Spalding

Because we're specialists and use very advanced techniques, we see people with all kinds of conditions at State 11.

We've seen people with Multiple Sclerosis, Functional Neurological Disorder, Fibromyalgia, people who have been involved in industrial accidents and car crashes - right through to people who have been pulled over whilst walking their dog.

We pride ourselves on both our ability and our honesty, so if you have a condition that you need help with, and aren't sure what we can do to help you, call us on 07788 287098 or send us a message. We'll happily discuss your condition and if we don't believe we can help, we'll let you know - free of charge!

Some of the conditions we regularly see are

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After suffering with an injured knee for six weeks, I went and saw Greg. Best decision I ever made. Already a significant difference to the pain I was in. thank you so much Greg. Highly recommend this company. Great friendly service!

— Fiona B, Lincolnshire

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