Staying Healthy at Work

Avoid injuries, aches and pains in the office with advice from State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy, Spalding

Good musculoskeletal health at work is possible - here's how to keep yourself healthy and mobile.

Whether you're working in at home, in an office, a shop or factory, it's all too easy to pick up muscle or joint pain - but there are things you can do to mitigate the risks. Here at State 11 in Spalding, we've complied a set of simple advice that you can follow to keep yourself healthy and mobile.

Sitting down to long is a risk factor for severe illness

How To Sit At Your Desk

If you’re an office worker, sitting at your desk is something you have to do a lot of! But did you know that how you set up your desk can have a real impact on whether you suffer stiff and sore muscles?

There’s no such thing as an “ideal posture” – the most important thing you can do is to keep moving! But it’s a good idea to have a chair and desk set up that works for you.

Posture isn’t as important as moving regularly – many office workers will get caught up in their work and stay sat in the same position for hours. 

Our free download shows you the best way to sit at your desk - but please remember to move regularly!

Sitting in your chair for too long can lead to ill health

Workplace Stretches

Office workers spend most of their time sat down, and in the same position for hours on end. This can cause real problems for your muscles and joints in the short term, but in the long term it can have real effects on your physical health due to the lack of movement…after all, everything about us is designed to move!

Our free download of workplace stretches will help prevent and relieve some of the most common aches and pains that people suffer from. There’s even links to YouTube videos so you can see how to do them!

Is standing in an office better than sitting in an office?

Workplace Strengthening

Stretches are great but it’s important to actively engage your muscles. Muscles work best when they are working against force… but that doesn’t mean you have to sit with dumbbells at your desk, body weight is fine! One reason it’s really important to get your muscles working is because they move lymph round your lymphatic system, and that helps combat inflammation.

Our free list of workplace strengthening exercises that you can do at work (as long as your trousers aren’t too tight!) can help get your muscles working during the day. Once again there are even links to YouTube videos so you can see them being performed.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Advice and Support

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a particularly unpleasant condition where the medial nerve (that goes from the neck to the hand) can become compressed as it travels through the wrist. This compression can cause pain in the affected hand, wrist and even up along the forearm. Along with Repetitive Strain Injury (which is often seen along with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), it is often seen in office workers who do a lot of typing, or other workers who perform repetitive hand or wrist movements.

A hand with a painful wrist holding a sheet about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Rehab exercises

Carpal Tunnel Advice

Our free download has more information on what Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is, how to increase your chances of what to do if you get it - and even more importantly - some stretches you can do if you're recovering from it.

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It's difficult to think of somewhere where health matters more than a hospital workplace. Watch this video of us helping hospital staff! We're happy to come and hold clinics in your workplace - contact us for more information about this service.

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Getting treatment at State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy, Spalding

At State 11 in Spalding, we use a variety of advanced techniques to help people in pain or discomfort.

We are injury and pain specialists, and do not offer relaxation or "spa" style massages.

The techniques we use for reducing your pain include RAPID NeuroFascial Reset - an advanced Canadian technique devised by two Canadian therapists frustrated at not being able to make rapid, lasting change for their clients. This is a clothed technique that does not require removal of clothing, or the use of any waxes or oils. We are the only clinic offering RAPID in Lincolnshire.

We may also use sports massage techniques, kinesiology taping, fascial cupping or Instrument Assisted Massage.

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