what is soft tissue therapy?

When most people buy a new phone, they don’t want to know about how the micro-processor inside it works, or what algorithm the camera uses to decide whether or not to use the flash. You just want to know if the kids can call you in an emergency and if it can help you look good in selfies.

Likewise, we could explain to you all the advanced, scientifically proven techniques we use and why they work, but really you just want to know if we’re going to make you feel better. By the way - we’ll be happy to explain everything at great length: simply call us on 07788 287098 or drop us a line.

And the answer is…yes, we’ll make you feel better, because we’re State 11, and that’s what we do.
We do it by using soft tissue therapy.

If you don’t know what soft tissue therapy is, you’re not alone.
Some people have heard of sports massage, and soft tissue therapy is like a very, very advanced version of sports massage. Here’s why a soft tissue therapist is much better than a sports massage therapist:

Soft Tissue Therapists Know More Ways To Fix You

Like sports massage, soft tissue therapy uses massage based techniques to help ease aches and pains.

Unlike a sports massage therapist, a soft tissue therapist knows much more advanced techniques that use joint manipulation and muscle work to increase your range of movement - also known as being able to put your shirt on without pain, or reach for the car seat belt without wincing.

You Don’t Have To See A Doctor First If You See A Soft Tissue Therapist

Like sports massage, soft tissue therapy can help with an injury that has been diagnosed by a doctor or physiotherapist.

Unlike a sports massage therapist, a soft tissue therapist can work on injuries that haven’t been assessed by a doctor or other professional - because the training that a soft tissue therapist has is much higher - also known as “we know more stuff about how your body works, and how it can go wrong, and how to fix it.”

Sports Massage Therapists Aren’t As Highly Trained As Soft Tissue Therapists

Like a sports massage therapist, a soft tissue therapist has been trained.

Unlike a sports massage therapist, a soft tissue therapist - at least one that has trained to the same level that we have - will have spent at least a year training how to do treat people. That training will have covered human anatomy and physiology, how the body understands and responds to pain and injury - not just physically but also mentally, diseases, genetic conditions, the latest research and techniques to help injured people.

Frighteningly, some massage therapists will have studied for as little as six days in a classroom, with a big chunk of that time being spent on how to set up a business and marketing.

why you should choose state 11 soft tissue therapY

As you learn what soft tissue therapy is, that knowledge helps you realise why you’ll get so much better results with a soft tissue therapist than you will with a massage therapist or a sports massage therapist.

But there are lots of soft tissue therapists, so why should you come and see us? You can read about us here, but in summary:

You deserve the best treatment
You wouldn’t let a hairdresser carry out a brain operation, even though they deal with heads a lot - and you shouldn’t treat the rest of your body any differently! We hold the highest soft tissue therapy qualifications in the area and are only BTEC Level 5 soft tissue therapists in Spalding. Other clinics have people who are trained to Level 4 (which is about the same as an A Level), or a Level 3 (which is about the same as a GCSE), but we are the only Level 5 therapists (which is the same as an undergraduate degree).

You deserve the newest treatment
Science doesn’t stand still and neither do we when it comes to learning new stuff to help you. We keep on top of the latest developments in pain science so that we can make sure you’re getting the most appropriate treatment.

You deserve the most understanding therapists
We deal with people suffering with chronic or persistent pain conditions all the time. We know that injuries and pain affect not only your body but your mind and your whole way of thinking. As well as physical therapy, we help our clients understand their pain and teach them techniques that allow them to deal better with it so that they can get on and live their lives again. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only therapists in the area that take this blended, integrated technique.

You deserve honest, cost effective treatment
Who isn’t short of money these days? We get that money is a worry, and we believe in fair and honest pricing. We offer a reduced rate for our first appointment because some of it is filling in forms and talking so that we fully understand what is wrong; we don’t believe it’s right to make you pay for that time. We are honest with you about how many treatments we think you’ll need and we don’t try and sign you up for lots of appointments when you don’t need them. After all, our goal is to make you feel better!