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Specialist sports massage therapy in Spalding, Holbeach, Crowland, South Holland & Lincolnshire.

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We're trained in using a variety of specialist massage, sports massage and manual therapy techniques to help people in pain, people with injuries and people with chronic pain or persistent pain.

At State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy, we are proud to be RAPID NeuroFascial Reset therapists.

We are proud to use RAPID NeuroFascial Reset extensively. This Canadian technique allows us to get virtually unbelievable changes in a short period of time. You can read more about RAPID at our RAPID specific site,

Both Greg and Vic are trained in RAPID NeuroFascial Reset techniques, and State 11 is one of the few clinics in the country (and the only one in Lincolnshire) to offer RAPID as a therapy.

Please note - RAPID is a clothed therapy and doesn't require removal of clothing.

We also use dynamic cupping (also known as sports cupping) where appropriate. Cupping allows for manipulation of fascial tissue using negative pressure, and is frequently used by professional athletes and Olympic athletes around the world.

They are particularly effective for shoulder, neck and sciatica work, and we often show people how to use them at home if they want to buy their own set.

A woman with rock pods on her leg to help with restricted movement.

Kinseology taping, sometimes known as sports taping, is a technique that's great for helping with sprains, strains or muscle aches as it can add support without restricting movement, and offers a new and distracting neurological sensory input, meaning (quite simply) that you're not aware of the pain so much. Should you have a long term condition that taping helps with, we'll show you how to use tape at home so that you don't need to see us so much!

When these techniques are used together, we can achieve incredible results!

Through our sister company, State 11 Hypnosis, we can help people deal with the emotional issues that can often come with long term pain, unexpected injury or trauma.

You can find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you at

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Abracadabra! Greg and his, albeit somewhat painful, magic touch have sorted out months of tension and backache. I left feeling like a different person to the one who limped in through the doors. I received top class care and can't recommend Greg highly enough.

— Dawn A, Lincolnshire

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