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Curious about kinesiology taping? Can it help with aches, pains and injuries? Find out more about sports taping at State 11 in Spalding.

At State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy, we're trained in the use of kinesiology taping (aka sport taping or k-taping) for injury .

Kinesiology taping is often seen in athletics but can provide support and pain relief for anyone with an injury.

It works by lifting the skin - and the tissues underneath - fractionally, allowing for reduction of inflammation whilst also providing a different neurological input to the brain about the painful area.

If all that sounds a bit technical, in short it means that the joint or muscle that hurts feels less painful and more supported, so that you can move more freely.

Many people can use tape instead of bulky knee, ankle or wrist braces that often feel uncomfortable and restrict movement to such an extent that muscle wastage can occur.

A woman with rock pods on her leg to help with restricted movement.

Kinesiology taping is easy to do and at State 11, we believe in helping our clients become self-sufficient in managing their own health. So, should you have a long term condition that taping helps with, we'll show you how to use tape at home so that you don't need to see us so much!

When these techniques are used together, we can achieve incredible results!

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Went into State 11 unable move my head from left to right after doing handstand push ups. Greg sorted the problem within five minutes of being there! I left being able to move my head left to right! Friendly and professional service! Highly recommended!

— G Rowley, Lincolnshire

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