Subacromial shoulder pain is common…but it can be fixed!

If you’re asking “Why does it hurt when I move my arm over my head?” you might have subacromial shoulder pain.

It is a common condition that is the cause of around 70% of reported shoulder pain.

What does subacromial shoulder pain feel like?

If you are suffering with subacromial shoulder pain, you will normally feel pain along the top and side of the shoulder (between the neck and the shoulder). This pain will be made worse by raising your arms overhead (if that’s possible) or trying to put your hands behind your back and it might hurt more at night. It can also feel like it is spreading down the arm or into the neck.

The Subacromial Shoulder Structures (image from the  Physiopedia  Website)

The Subacromial Shoulder Structures (image from the Physiopedia Website)

Other names for subacromial pain

One of the main causes of this pain is rotator cuff tendinopathy - which is sometimes called “shoulder impingement”, “supraspinatus tendinopathy”, “tendinopathy” or “bursitis”.

What causes subacromial pain?

There are conflicting theories about the cause of subacromial pain. One theory is that it is related to age (if you are older, the tendons in the shoulder degenerate and this can cause inflammation.

Another theory is that subacromial pain can be caused by certain movements where the tendons become inflamed and then come in contact with some of the bone in the shoulder area, and that this causes pain.

Regardless of what the cause is, in many cases this condition can be resolved by simple exercises, meaning that sustained pain or even operations can be avoided.

What can i do to fix my subacromIal shoulder pain?

The British Elbow and Shoulder Society have put together a leaflet with three simple exercises that can be used to help rehabilitate subacromial shoulder pain.

You can download this leaflet from here.

The British Elbow and Shoulder Society estimate that it can take six weeks to see improvement, and that it can take six to twelve weeks before the condition is resolved.

Need help with subacRomial shoulder pain injury now?

Rehabilitation of subacromial pain will require exercise, but soft tissue therapy can also help improve mobility and lessen pain in addition to rehab exercises.

Techniques such as cupping, muscle flossing and shoulder taping can help reduce pain and increase movement, as well as ensuring that your shoulder pain doesn’t cause further issues due to favouring one shoulder over the other, or simply reducing movement.

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