If you’ve been struggling with injuries or chronic pain, we can help you stop suffering and start living life to the full again.

Our treatments

At State 11, we’re all about fixing people. We believe that if you can move freely, and without pain, life is more fun…and as a result you’ll feel better!

To help you move better, we offer Soft Tissue Therapy appointments.

In your first Soft Tissue Therapy appointment, we would carry out a full, confidential assessment to help us work out the root cause of your injury, what muscles and joints are affected and - together with you - formulate a plan of action. We’ll then start treatment! Because your first appointment involves taking some history and filling in a couple of forms, your first appointment with us at a reduced price.

In your subsequent Soft Tissue Therapy appointments, we check how you’ve been since your last appointment and then get straight into treating you. Your treatment will be tailored for you and your situation, and might involve Swedish massage, muscle energy techniques, stretching and movement or kinesiology taping, but everything will be discussed with you.

Soft Tissue Therapy isn’t just for people who have a new injury. It can be really helpful for people who suffer physical chronic conditions, like fibromyalgia. Although soft tissue therapy can’t “cure” these conditions, it can make life feel much more comfortable, and for people with these conditions, we can offer block booking of appointments at a reduced rate.

We hold BTEC Level 5 qualifications in Soft Tissue Therapy obtained through the ISRM (the Institute for Soft Tissue Therapists). We have completed official Rock Tape courses. This means we can assess and treat both new injuries and chronic conditions by using a variety of specialist techniques including massage, Muscle Energy Techniques, Soft Tissue Release, Myofascial Decompression and Kinseology Taping for ongoing support.

We achieve remarkable results for our clients, and we can help you too.

don’t just take our word for it…

Thank you so much for sorting out my painful shoulder. Would highly recommend this new Spalding based business, especially if you want to try out new treatment techniques
— Client L.F.

“But What does that mean for me?”

If phrases like “myofascial decompression”, “soft tissue release” and “kinesiology taping” don’t mean anything to you, and you want a bit more information, that’s okay! We stand behind what we do and the methods we use to achieve our excellent results.

Read more about the tried and tested techniques we’ll use to help you get better.

Still not convinced?

Thank you both Vic & Greg for providing such a friendly and professional service. Would deffo recommend, such a relaxing experience. I’m already looking forward to my appointment next week.
— Client O.H.

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