The Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plans (5BX and XBX)


The RCFs XBX and 5BX plans have popped up in the news again after Dame Helen Mirren told the Daily Telegraph that she followed the exercise plans. Far be it from me to suggest this was just an opportunty for them to publish a picture of her in a bikini!

Although I’m sure she’s a very nice lady, I’m not quite convinced that she pulls off her physique by doing 11 minutes of exercise a day, but it’s a very busy world for most of us, and (for the most part) some exercise is better than none.  

The plans were designed in the 1950s by a Dr  Orban and released to the Royal Canadian Airforce In 1961. Unusually for the time (and even more unusually now) they don’t require any equipment. 

The plans were incredibly popular, and were released in books in both their original forms and various modified form by various personal trainers turned exercise gurus across the world.

Poor Dr Orban didn’t see a penny (or cent) from the success of his plans as he’d created them in his role as a civil servant. 

If you’d like to read or even try the plans, we have the originals available for download here