Small Businesses For Beginners

There are a lot of books about starting a business. There are even more “online courses” where for a low low special offer price, you can learn what to do and what not to do to become a successful business. Funnily enough, even before you hand over your credit card, you can see that the advice is different, and normally involves paying even more money to gain “secret” information. 

I started buying some of the books. I bought some marketing books and some business books - but everyone said something different, and also everything involved a “click funnel” where you hand over your email address and I send you some “information of value”. Then we’ll have a huge mailing list and I just need to do another course about how to do emailing marketing and would I like to pay for that now or later?


I got a bit tired and disheartened in the end. We’re soft tissue therapists, not wannabe marketers. I don’t like it when I get lots of useless junk email, so I can’t imagine you would. You’ve not got the time for it, and we simply haven’t got the brass neck to do it.

Likewise, we should be hassling you for reviews. Review us on Facebook, review us on Google, like and share our posts! When a small business tells you that this is something that is vital, they’re not lying. A good review tells other people that we do know what we’re doing, and it lets us know we’re doing it right. But you guys are busy, and it feels wrong to pester. Again, not got the brass neck for it.  

So we try and be different here at State 11. We offer appointment times that are useful to our clients, rather than “you’ll have to book the afternoon off work” times. We encourage people to call or text us if they want to have a chat before booking. Yes, we use some stock photography but we also show you who we are and tell you about us so that you’ll feel comfortable when you come see us and talk about that probably you’ll suffered with and that your doctor dismissed. We take card payments even though it costs us more to deal with than cash because it’s easier for you - we don’t want to make you go into town to the cash machine. We use RockTape and Rock Sauce, but if you can buy it cheaper elsewhere than from us, we’ll tell you. 


In the future, we plan to expand the services we offer, based on what our clients express desire for and what we think will help people stay well. So we’ve partnered up with Mad Diet, a Scottish independent company that offers just five very high quality supplements. We’ve used them and noticed a real difference - so you’ll be able to buy them from us. No mark up, simply a service that means you don’t need to wait for delivery or pay postage.

We’re also going to tie in with Weleda, a cruelty free, natural beauty company. They make some of the best arnica products and body oils we’ve found - so if you’ve got bumps or bruises, or want to do some self massage at home (or just really like the effect it has on your skin), you can get it from us. Again, as part of being honest and transparent with you, you can buy some Weleda products from the supermarket for the same price as from us. Not all of it - supermarkets won’t have access to the whole range - but you can buy from Waitrose or Amazon if you like (although we’d obviously prefer you to buy from us). And again, we don’t mark up the prices - we’ll be selling to you at the same price we paid. 

So thats where we are, half way through February. Quite a lot of likes on Facebook, some nice reviews here and there and some of our clients recommending us to others. We could be doing better - of course we could - but we’d be doing a whole lot worse without your support. So thank you, from Greg and Vic here at State 11