Why We’re Different - And Why That’s Good!


Our little business hasn’t been around long. Perhaps that worries you. Many people value experience and the reassurance of someone who has been doing the same thing forever.

But experience can become stagnation - and in the field of soft tissue therapy and pain management, there’s simply too many advances being made to stick to outdated or superceeded techniques. 

Because there’s a difference between experience and knowledge. We hold Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapy qualifications - the highest Soft Tissue Therapy qualification you can achieve (most people offering massages will have a Level 3 qualification - that’s about the same as a GCSE).

We’re in the business of fixing people, but we’re also in the business of being scientifically curious. We’re not afraid to try new methods if we think it will help our clients. That’s why we use kinesiology tape, and why we’ve experimented with myofascial  decompression and floss band work. It’s why we’re going to offer shamanic healing and hypnotherapy. Yes, it might be a bit “alternative”, but we know all these things help - we wouldn’t offer it otherwise.


Our awareness of the latest research is why we don’t use phrases like “weak back” or “bad leg” - we know that what we say affects how you feel about your body’s capabilities, and that can affect how you move and ultimately how you heal. 

Our desire to achieve the best results for our clients might mean we ask them to move in unusual ways to actively stretch certain muscles. It’s a bit different from the “traditional” massage where some lotion gets rubbed around and there’s acres of white towels, but we get results. 

Even our “relaxing massage” clients find themselves being offered new waxes that have different properties, and different background sounds that help induce certain brainwave patterns. Yes, we could play traditional piano style spa music - but why do that when we can encourage a deeper relaxation by playing different sounds? 


We’ll be the first to admit, we’re not for everyone. The people we help are adventurous and curious and willing to trust us, even if we’re asking them to step away from the conventional methods - and in return, we provide them fabulous results.

So if you’d like us to help you, you can book an appointment or get in touch with us.