The Fibro Five Plan (and it’s cousin, the Fibro Five X Plan), is our care package specifically for people diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Based on the latest scientific studies in both fibromyalgia and the way pain affects the body and mind, our clients have reported excellent results. We can’t cure fibromyalgia…but we are confident we can make your life better.

What we ask from you:
A commitment to five treatment sessions, one every five to seven days (they must not be any further than seven days apart)

Prior to coming to your first session, we’ll ask you to fill in some assessment forms about your level of pain, how it affects your daily activities, and how you feel about pain. This will be your “baseline” score.

We’ll also give you some work to do at home - this will be personalised for you, but is likely to be a mix of physical and mental tasks including stretches and re-framing work. Part of being on the plan - and getting it to work - is carrying out this work between sessions.

What we offer you:
Five treatment sessions where every treatment is tailored towards your specific needs: whether that’s an intensive treatment session with lots of manipulation work…or a relaxing massage where you simply need time to be you.

Techniques on how to deal with the psychological effects of chronic and persistent pain based on the latest understanding of how the brain deals with pain - without telling you that it’s “all in your head”!

At the end of the five sessions, we’ll assess your level of pain again, and look at how much easier you have found your daily routine, and how you feel about pain now. This will be your new “baseline” score.

We are confident that your score will have improved.

When you have completed the Fibro Five programme, you can either choose to end your treatment, or look to continue onto our maintenance plan, the Fibro Five X programme.