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Most people have experienced muscle pain from time to time.

You're most likely to experience muscle pain as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, also known as DOMS. DOMS is generally felt after activities that required intensive muscle use, such as lifting and carrying something heavy or a long workout session where many muscles were used. DOMS is generally felt some time after the muscle usage happened, and can carry on for a couple of days if the level of activity was intense. Generally, people who experience aching muscles after some kind of heavy work can pinpoint the reason their muscles are aching, and it's simply a case of either seeking help from someone like us, or waiting it out until they feel better.

However, there are other types of muscle pain other than the general ache that comes with DOMS, and there are other reasons for muscle pain other than a heavy workout.

Muscle cramps and muscle spasms

A muscle cramp or muscle spasm is quite simply an unexpected and sudden contraction of the muscle. Most people have experienced these at some point, and they are most common in the calf or lower back. Cramps can occur for a variety of reasons, but some of the most common are ageing (as we age, we lose muscle mass, which puts more strain on the remaining muscle mass and in turn can causing cramps), dehydration (very common in longer distance runners who don't drink enough, or people working outdoors in the heat), low electrolyte levels (if you're low in calcium or potassium, or are pregnant, you're more likely to have lower electrolytes and in turn experience a cramp), certain medications or simple physical strain.

Bacterial and viral infections

Bacterial and viral infections such as colds, flu, Lyme disease and malaria can also cause muscle pain (the medical term for muscle pain is myalgia).

Treating muscle pain.

Overuse / strenuous activity muscle pain or muscle aches

If you can pinpoint the reason for your muscle pain to overuse or a specific event, then soft tissue therapy can be an ideal treatment, whether its from something as "simple" as overworking at the gym, or something else (like sitting squished up all day after a long car journey and finding everything aches!). Other possible treatments involve keeping the area warm and gentle movements, and application of arnica based products (assuming this is suitable for you) which can help with muscle aches.

Unexpected muscle aches or pains

Most muscle pain is benign but there are some medical conditions that can cause muscle pain such as fibromyalgia and thyroid under activity. If you find yourself with unexpected muscle pain that doesn't resolve, then please contact your GP for potential further tests to find out exactly what is causing the issue.

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Getting treatment at State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy, Spalding

At State 11 in Spalding, we use a variety of advanced techniques to help people in pain or discomfort.

We are injury and pain specialists, and do not offer relaxation or "spa" style massages.

The techniques we use for reducing your pain include RAPID NeuroFascial Reset - an advanced Canadian technique devised by two Canadian therapists frustrated at not being able to make rapid, lasting change for their clients. This is a clothed technique that does not require removal of clothing, or the use of any waxes or oils. We are the only clinic offering RAPID in Lincolnshire.

We may also use sports massage techniques, kinesiology taping, fascial cupping or Instrument Assisted Massage.

If your muscle pain is getting you down - we can help.