Fabulous State 11 & Therapist Merch

Finding it difficult to find tees that are as cool as you?

When we started State 11, we found that we had exactly one option in relation to work related clothing…the embroidered polo shirt. Oh dear!

As children of the 80s, we had teeshirts for everything; bands, crisps, TV shows, computer games…but finding teeshirts that demonstrate our love of soft tissue therapy has been really hard.

So we fixed it

Our State 11 bodyworker tees draw on TV, film and music references, and are just burning with that “if you know, you know!” vibe….you’ve studied worked hard to get where you are professionally - why hide that knowledge?

T-Shirts / Tee-Shirts


We ship worldwide for a pretty reasonable fee (£1.30 UK, £3.45 EU, £4.95 everywhere else), but if you’re planning to buy three or more at once, drop us an email and we’ll see if we can sort out better pricing.