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Can massage help with pain and injury?

At State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy, we are often asked if we can provide traditional massage therapy.

Massage therapy has been used for thousands of years, which isn't surprising when you consider how our bodies are designed to respond so well to touch from another.

Our focus at State 11 is all about helping people in pain, whether it's struggling with an injury, issues with joint mobility, muscle pain or nerve problems.

A woman with a flower behind her ear and no clothes on having a massage. This won't help with pain.

In our experience, traditional massage is not the quickest or most effective way to deal with injury, muscle, joint or nerve problems (although it can be very relaxing).

It often requires multiple appointments before any significant improvement is seen - which is both costly and time consuming. And much of the "science" used for reasons for massage (like "increasing blood circulation") is dubious at best.

So, because we want our clients to feel better as quickly as possible, we don't offer traditional massage at State 11.

Confused looking man looking at scientific books for evidence about massage

Instead, we use soft tissue therapy, which is a combination of manual therapy techniques that are powerful, effective and - as you can see by our reviews - get incredible results

These techniques include:
RAPID NeuroFascial Reset
Sports Massage
Taping (also known as Kinesiology Taping)

When these techniques are used together, we can achieve incredible results!

Through our sister company, State 11 Hypnosis, we can help people deal with the emotional issues that can often come with long term pain, unexpected injury or trauma.

You can find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you at

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Highly recommend! My first visit was great. They're friendly, super knowledgable and answered all my questions. I turned up with a painful shoulder and knee, and I left feeling so much better. I'll definitely be returning.
— N. H, Lincolnshire

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