Aching Legs After A Car Ride?

Getting out of a car after a long journey is all too common - but if can build in a few stops at services or picnic areas on your way, there’s some very easy stretches you can do to help the long journey easier on your body.

in car stretches

Slump stretch


Best for big cars or in a service station, start by sitting with good posture, and straighten your affected leg. Bend your ankle backwards towards you. You may also drop your head forwards, and round your posture to create a stronger stretch. You will feel the stretch in the back of the leg (hamstring and calf), and possibly the lower back too.

Heel raises and toe lifts


Sit upright with good posture, with your feet flat on the floor. You can do this exercise in your shoes, or with bare feet. Lift your heels going up on to your toes, and then return to the floor. Lift your toes going up on your heels, and then return to the floor. This exercise will help strengthen your lower legs and ankles and help prevent aches

Out of car stRetChes

The following stretches involve stopping the car and getting out! Of course, regular breaks are good for your concentration as well.

Leg rotation


Stand with good upright posture against a wall. Flatten your back against the wall, and rotate your whole leg inwards. This is a mobility exercise for your hip joint. You can repeat the movement, or hold the position.

hip adductioN with flexion


Stand up with good posture, and bend your hip to 90 degrees, and move your leg across your body. This exercise is good for mobilising a stiff hip joint.

Hip Abduction Standing


Stand up next to a table, chair or wall, and take your leg out to the side, and back to neutral. Repeat as required. You can also hold the leg out to the side and maintain this position. This exercise predominantly strengthens your outer hip and gluteal (buttock) muscles, but also mobilises a stiff hip joint.

how we can help

Before becoming soft tissue therapists, both Vic and Greg have worked in roles where they’ve spent hours and hours driving vans and cars, and are all too familiar with the horrible aches and pains that this can cause!

As they have Level 5 qualifications in soft tissue therapy, they can assess and treat injuries. They offer kinesiology taping as part of a standard treatment package - and don’t charge more like some therapists do. At your appointment, you can be given personalised stretches and rehab advice, and if your appointment is for an injury, your first appointment is 33% off! You can book online - and see what previous clients have said - at There is even run a referral scheme that’ll earn you money off your next appointment.

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