Would you be surprised to hear that golfers are injured more often than rugby players?

It’s True - 62% of amateurs and 85% of professionals will sustain a significant injury associated with playing golf

And with a staggering 60 million golfers worldwide - that’s a whole lot of people getting injured.

Trauma to the lower back accounts for one third of injuries, and can happen to anyone, regardless of age or ability. There are two main reasons for this: firstly a good golf swing requires significant club head speed, and you can only get that through applying torque and torsion (force and twisting) through your lower back. The second reason is that golf puts a lot of pressure on your spine - in fact it’s equal to eight times your body weight!

Golfers also suffer injuries and traumas to their shoulders, elbows (also know as golfer’s elbow), wrists and hands - and the average recovery time for golfers is between two to four weeks - which is a long time to be off the course!

The good news is that you can reduce your risk of injury by following some simple techniques.


Basic cardiovascular fitness is essential. Regular walking, running, cross training on an elliptical trainer, swimming or cycling are all ways to improve general fitness. This will help prevent fatigue (fatigue increases your risk of injury).


Strength training is vital to prevent injury. Work on your core muscles, pelvis, hamstrings and glutes to ensure the power for your drives comes from the body. Proprioception work to help with your balance will provide a stable base for your golf swing.


Flexibility and rotation of the upper spine, shoulders and hips are critical to avoid injury. Regular stretching can help, and massage with myofascial release will improve flexibility in your muscles and spine.


A warm up will prepare your body for the game, and reduce risk of injury (as well as increasing your mood). You could go for a short jog or a brisk walk before carrying out some hip and thoracic spine stretches. Practise swing movements, or even look to take a few shots on the driving range before starting your game!

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