The Fibro Five program is a specialised treatment program for fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions. Learn more about the research behind the program.


During the time I have been a soft tissue therapist, it has been my great privilege to treat clients with chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Although I already had some understanding of fibromyalgia, the more I treated clients with fibromyalgia and chronic pain, the more I discovered how little help there is available.

I also discovered how poor the understanding of fibromyalgia by many medical professionals seemed to be. Put it down to cuts, put it down to bad doctors, put it down to misunderstanding - however you want to describe it, most people’s experience of NHS treatment for fibromyalgia ranges from bad to terrible.

Which makes no sense because fibromyalgia is being studied. People with the condition are participating in research, not only into the causes of the condition but also the treatment, what works and what doesn’t. Studies are being published. Scientists’ understanding of pain, (there’s a whole area of study called Pain Science) is increasing day by day.

But this knowledge doesn’t seem to be reaching the medical professionals my clients were seeing; they were still being laughed at by their doctors, told “you’ve got fibro, you’re going to be in pain”, or finding that every problem was now blamed on their fibromyalgia, even when they knew it wasn’t.

So I developed the Fibro Five program.


The program tackles fibromyalgia and chronic pain in two ways, using techniques that scientific studies have shown to work.

The first aspect of the program is based on studies that show that a certain type of massage therapy is excellent for helping clients with fibromyalgia.

The second aspect of the program is based on the evidence presented by pain science - that a variety of factors come into play when it comes to chronic pain, and they aren’t all physical. This is a really difficult subject for many people with chronic pain, who rightly become annoyed at the suggestion that their pain is “just in the mind”. But as you learn what pain science is showing us, you may find that it actually feels true to your experiences. Does your pain feel worse if you’ve stayed awake worrying about money or work? What about if you’ve got an appointment with an unpleasant GP tomorrow? Do you find that everything aches just a little more? What about if you’ve had a row, or got really upset - is the pain worse then?

Pain science looks at how perception, lifestyle and understanding of pain can affect how we deal with chronic pain or fibromyalgia (similar to the Cognitive Functional Therapy program developed for lower back pain by Professor Peter O’Sullivan in Australia and the work of the Neuro Orthopaedic Group in both Australia and the UK.)

Your appointments will all be with me, because I believe (and science backs this, too!) that building trust between you and I is vitally important, especially if I’m asking you to step a little outside of your comfort zone. I’m always available via phone, text or email to my Fibro Five clients whilst they are on the program - if I can’t answer straight away, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


The program asks for commitment and bravery from you, and it won’t be for everyone. It is here for you when you are ready, whether that is now, or later. The only question is, what do you miss out on by waiting?

The program consists of five appointments, each a week apart. You need to come to each appointment.

You may also find the initial two or three appointments are both physically and mentally intensive.

You will be challenged in this program to look at the way you think about pain, and to try activities that you may not have wanted to try before, and to step (just a little) outside of your comfort zone.

You will be expected to keep a very brief record of how you have been feeling between appointments.

In return, you will be always be listened to, and respected.

You’ll be fully supported as you go through the program.

Your treatment will always be personalised to you and what you need on the day you come to visit.


Appointment One
This appointment will last between 60 and 90 minutes.
Your first appointment is made up of two halves. During the first half, we’ll talk about your fibromyalgia, how it affects you, what bothers you the most, and what you would like to get our of the program the most. We’ll talk about the questionnaires you’ve filled in, to get an idea of where your current “pain baseline” is.
The second half of your appointment will involve soft tissue therapy.

At the end of your appointment, you’ll be given some personalised “exercises” to do before your next appointment; this may be physical stretches, or it may involve more reflective and mindfulness work, and to keep track of how you are feeling in a simple pain and mood diary.

Appointment Two, Three and Four
These appointments will last sixty minutes.
Each of these appointments will include a brief discussion about how your week has been and how you are feeling today. The appointment will then look to treat you either using soft tissue therapy, relaxation or guided mediation techniques, or a mix of the three depending on what we decide together would be best.
As at the end of Appointment One, you’ll be given some personalised “exercises” to do between appointments to help keep you feeling better!

Appointment Five
This appointment will last between 60 and 90 minutes.
As your last appointment in the Fibro Five program, we’ll have a brief discussion about how your week has been and then carry out a treatment that suits your requirements based on how you are feeling. We’ll then have a discussion about the changes that have occurred during the program and what you would like to do in the future. We’ll look at your pain diary to see how far you have improved.

After your last appointment, you have the option of moving onto the Fibro Five X programme; similar to the Fibro Five, with reflection work to do between appointments, except we look to schedule appointments further apart until we reach a point where you can maintain your baseline and well-being with as few appointments as possible. These appointments will still be at the same price, as long as you continue to commit to the schedule we decide between us.


The total cost for the program is £180, with your first appointment being £30, and each subsequent appointment being £37.50 (our usual price is £45).

You can pay all at once, or in instalments at each appointment. You are not required to give us your bank details to store or “keep on file”, and we won’t take payment through direct debit.

If you join the program, we will trust you to complete it - you will not get the same results from one or two appointments as you do from five.

If you decide to move off the program or spread your appointments further apart, your appointment price will change to £45 per appointment (our usual price). You will still achieve some benefit but it will not be to the same extent (we need those five sessions together to improve your baseline score and make a real difference).

You will not be tricked into buying anything else to complete the program, and if exercise is suggested, it will be exercises that can be done using either body weight or objects you will have at home (using tins of beans or bottles of water) rather than requiring you to go and buy equipment.

see an overview of the program or read the research