Fibromyalgia, chronic pain and persistent pain are devastating conditions, for both the individual and their families, but also for society as a whole. It’s estimated that two million people in the UK have fibromyalgia, and that twenty eight million people in the UK are living with chronic or persistent pain. That’s a massive two fifths of the UK population.

So why do people who have fibromyalgia, chronic pain or persistent pain often report feeling alone, misunderstood and as if they are invisible? People with fibromyalgia report being ridiculed and mocked by their GPs, being told that they are a drain on resources - and shockingly, research has shown this isn’t confined to the UK, but worldwide, with people reporting exactly the same attitudes in Australia and America too.

Yet outside of the narrow confines of the local GP’s office, science is leaping ahead with research into fibromyalgia and chronic or persistent pain. Now, more than ever before, science is showing us how pain works, how our brain works, the effects of different therapies on fibromyalgia and pain, and how people with these previously completely disabling conditions can get the most out of life.

As a soft tissue therapist, I see a lot of clients with fibromyalgia and chronic pain conditions. They are some of the bravest, most determined people I have met, but there seemed to be little organised complementary help for them that was based on the latest medical research.

So I started to put together a program to help my clients, at first on in an ad-hoc way, sharing information I’d read in medical journals, and then slowly setting up a more formalised program. I was delighted with the results - but not as delighted as my clients, who found that they were noticing a real difference.

The Fibro Five program is challenging - but no more challenging than living with persistent pain.

You will be asked to step outside your comfort zone, to trust science, and to re-examine your beliefs about pain.

It is not easy - but you will be supported every step of the way.

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