Cupping Therapy At State 11
Specialist sports massage therapy in Spalding, Holbeach, Crowland, South Holland & Lincolnshire.

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We're trained in using a variety of specialist massage, sports massage and manual therapy techniques to help people in pain, people with injuries and people with chronic pain or persistent pain.

One of the techniques we use at State 11 is dynamic cupping (also known as sports cupping) where appropriate. Cupping allows for manipulation of fascial tissue using negative pressure, and is frequently used by professional athletes and Olympic athletes around the world.

They are particularly effective for shoulder, neck and sciatica work, and we often show people how to use them at home if they want to buy their own set.

Dynamic cupping is different from traditional cupping, where clients will often lie prone and not move. By applying cups and then encouraging movement, we can help provide different neurological inputs to help manipulate tissues and facilitate movement.

A woman with rock pods on her leg to help with restricted movement.

Cupping can leave red marks on the skin that can take a few days to disappear. This is common - the marks are often seen on sports people - but for people who may be self-conscious about this, cupping isn't advised.

We don't provide "wet cupping" (where small cuts are made in the skin to encourage bleeding).

Man with dumb bells at gym - State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy Sports Massage

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Visited for the first time this week after having a historic issue with my back etc, it feels the best it's felt for a couple of years after just one session, will definitely be returning, great knowledge and care given.

— Janice G, Lincolnshire

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