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At State 11, we understand chronic pain and persistent pain.

If you suffer from chronic pain or persistent pain, you’ve probably been told at some point that you’re supposed to stay as active as possible. However the thought of that can probably make you cringe, especially sometimes, just getting through the day at work or home is hard enough.

This is where we can help. We use our specialist soft tissue therapy and RAPID NeuroFascial Reset skills and other techniques to reduce your pain and help you learn how to manage your daily life.

The treatment we provide is tailored to you, because pain is unique as you are, and successful treatment is all about tailoring a solution to you and your individual needs,

Another very important part of the therapy we offer is your relationship with us. While this might be an “on-again, off-again” relationship depending on when you need help, we work hard to make sure you feel safe and trust us, because an important part of your treatment is you feeling comfortable to talk about your pain with us, and working with us on goal and pace setting.

We’re not going to talk down to you – you’ve probably had enough of that already from other health professionals, or tell you it’s all “in your head” or to “get on with it” – we want to work with you so that you can get your life back. We use soft tissue therapy as one of our primary treatment techniques for chronic pain.

What is soft tissue therapy - and how soft tissue therapy different from sports massage?

Soft tissue therapy is an umbrella term for many different specialist techniques that includes deep tissue massage (or sports massage) – this targets spasms and muscle tension that can build up through the day.

We’ll use direct pressure, frictions and other advanced techniques to try and release the tension in your soft tissues (that’s your ligaments, tendons and muscles). We’ll also use manual therapies like Muscle Energy Techniques and other techniques – which is a hands on treatment where we will look to mobilise your joints that might be stiff and contributing to your pain.

We’ll also use kinesiology taping – where a adhesive tape is applied to the skin to help reduce inflammation and change the information that cells in the skin send to the brain, making your brain process information differently and subsequently feel less pain in that area. Taping also offers support and even posture or joint alignment correction which might be contributing to your pain.

Depending on your pain tolerance and problem, we might look to use RAPID NeuroFascial Reset, a revolutionary Canadian technique that is great for long term injuries but is quite an intensive treatment and not suitable for every client.

Should you have scars from operations or injuries, these can often be part of the cause of chronic pain or long term restricted movement. Here at State 11, Greg is trained in working with scars using Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork, a gentle technique that can help improve both the feel, movement and sensation of scar tissue.

We can advise on sports that might help, and how you can make changes at home so that you can be more active. This is part of the physical “self-care” aspect of physical therapy, because it’s really important you stay active.

Why it's important to stay active with chronic pain or persistent pain

People with chronic pain or persistent pain often find themselves trapped in a cycle of shying away from certain activities because they cause pain. This can spread to more and more activities, and this in turn leads to inactivity.

As a result of inactivity, strength, endurance and range of motion reduce (the old “use it or lose it”) and that can affect your overall sense of wellbeing and confidence. As you become weaker, you become more susceptible to injury….and the cycle continues.

You can break the cycle of chronic pain leading to inactivity leading to more pain by booking an appointment at State 11 in Spalding.

Chronic pain also has a psychological effect. The anger, anxiety and panic that can come from being in pain often leads to social isolation; after all, if you’re angry and upset and hurting, the last thing you want to do is go outside, let alone socialise. This can lead to low mood and feeling depressed or down, which – somewhat unfairly – leads to an increased perception of pain (if you’re depressed, you actually feel pain more, it’s been proved by science!)

At State 11, we can also use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help you deal with the emotional issues that chronic or persistent pain can cause - please visit our
State 11 Hypnosis site for more information.

Can State 11 really help with long term conditions?

This lady has a persistent condition, and whilst we can't cure her, we can help her manage her symptoms until the NHS can provide a more lasting solution.

Getting treatment at State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy, Spalding

At State 11 in Spalding, we use a variety of advanced techniques to help people in pain or discomfort.

We are injury and pain specialists, and do not offer relaxation or "spa" style massages.

The techniques we use for reducing your pain include RAPID NeuroFascial Reset - an advanced Canadian technique devised by two Canadian therapists frustrated at not being able to make rapid, lasting change for their clients. This is a clothed technique that does not require removal of clothing, or the use of any waxes or oils. We are the only clinic offering RAPID in Lincolnshire.

We may also use sports massage techniques, kinesiology taping, fascial cupping or Instrument Assisted Massage.

If your discomfort is a pain in the neck, we can help.