Rock Tape Delivery

Look what the postman delivered! Spangly new Rock Tape in some awesome patterns!


Where appropriate, we use kinesiology taping at State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy. Taping produces a lifting effect underneath the skin - and the layers below it - helping decompress inflamed, painful areas, which in turn helps reduce pain. It also helps lessen muscle fatigue, can help you maintain good posture - and in a pinch, can be used as really expensive sellotape. 

Its fine if you’re skeptical. We were too, right up until Vic had a marathon to run. Injury had stopped her being able to run more than six miles or so, and sheer stubbornness was refusing to let her back out - she’d resigned herself to fast walking and (being young and stupid) would deal with any injuries later. And then she got taped up with kinesiology tape the day before - and instead of running six miles, ran twenty (yes it would have sounded nicer to say twenty-six but we’re being honest).  

We use Rock Tape at State 11 because we think it’s the best of many available tapes - and we’ve tried lots. We’ve used it on athletes, but we’ve also used it on people with knee problems and shoulder problems who aren’t athletic at all - and it’s worked for all of them.