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You want to be treated by someone who knows what they’re talking about. At State 11, we hold Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapy Diplomas, the highest UK qualification in soft tissue therapy. We make sure we keep up with the latest studies and information in journals like the British Journal Of Sport Medicine, and The Journal Of Pain so that we can get you the best possible results.

We share interesting articles and advice via our Facebook page, Instagram feed and mailing list. We also publish some information on our website on individual pages. Here’s a list of the articles.

Causes of shoulder pain, and how shoulder massage can help - this page is all about shoulder pain, some of the causes and how we can help defeat your pain and restore your mobility to your shoulder.

All about Subacromial Shoulder Pain - if you can’t lift your arms above your head or bring your arms properly behind your back, you might have subacromial shoulder pain. This page is all about this specific condition and has useful exercises you can do to help relieve the condition.

Golfers, don’t let injuries tee you off! - did you know golfers suffer more injuries than rugby players? At State 11, we’re skilled in treating the types of injuries picked up by golfers, all you need to do is book!

All about the Canadian Royal Air Force 5BX and XBX - this page is all about the 1950s exercise pamphlet published by the Canadian Royal Air Force. These pamphlets were designed to help people maintain a good level of fitness with no equipment and only a short length of time a day. It popped up in the news because Helen Mirram mentioned it in an interview. There are links to download the pamphlets on this page.

All about the ankle - this page is all about ankle strains and sprains and how soft tissue therapy can help. It also has a free downloadable PDF containing stretches you can do to help rehabilitate and strengthen your ankle if you injure it.

Sports massage and soft tissue therapy - this article explains the terms soft tissue therapy and sports massage, why the term sports massage is outdated, and why soft tissue therapy is a much better treatment for most people in most situations.

Don’t run into trouble! - this page has lots of advice for runners and how to avoid injuries. There are free downloadable PDFs about different running injuries and stretches you can do to avoid them. This page is really really useful if you’re a runner or know someone who is.

In car stretches - who hasn’t got out of a car feeling achey and stiff after a long journey? It’s pretty much what happens, isn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be! This page has a variety of demonstrated stretches to help you arrive ready to seize every moment when you arrive at your destination (rather than being feeling stiff and unhappy!)

Posture and depression - remember how we said we keep up to date with research? Did you know that the latest research into depression showed that a slumped posture caused people to exhibit more depressive symptoms than those who didn’t, even when both sets of test subjects didn’t have depression at the start of the study? Could it be that sitting in a more upright position could be an easy way to feel better? Have a read of this research, try the suggested stretches and postures, and see how you feel!

Tingling or numbness in the arms and hands - if you’ve ever had tingling or numbness in your hands and arms, you may have experienced a condition called paresthesia. Most people experience this condition after keeping their arm or hand in a still position for a while, but there are other causes. A skilled therapist can work out which nerve is giving you problems from the position and location or the tingling. You can find out more on this page.

How to have a healthy workplace - this microsite is all about how you can look after your muscle and joint health whilst at work. There are useful print outs of stretches and strengthening exercises, as well as information about carpel tunnel and how you can set up your workspace to avoid it. Aimed primarily at office based workers, people in roles with repetitive movements such as retail may also find this useful!

All about Patellofemoral Knee Pain - ever had a pain that feels like it’s “right inside the knee”? It might be patellofemoral knee pain. Also know as PFP and “runners knee”, it’s a very common knee condition. The information on this page has information about recognising PFP, how to treat and rehabilitate it, and how to avoid it happening in the future.

Chronic pain and soft tissue therapy - Chronic pain is a worldwide issue, with an estimated 20% of people across the world living with the condition. Find out how soft tissue therapy can help by visiting this page!