Royal Canadian Airforce Plans (5BX and XBX)

Created by a Dr Orban in the 1950s for the Royal Canadian Airforce, the BX plans are “Basic EXercises” that could be carried out in about 11 minutes or so. No equipment was needed, and a series of charts in the plans dictated how many exercises should be done based on age and fitness. There were five exercises for men (5BX) and ten for women (XBX)


Dr Orban felt completing this series of exercises as dictated by the charts would allow anyone to have a reasonable degree of fitness. Its possible to do these exercises entirely without going outside as the run (1 mile) or walk (2 miles) listed in the plan can be done by marching on the spot (although a walk or run outside would realistically be more fun and better for your mental health!).

The plans are widely available online, or in expensive second copies of books published in the 1980s, or in rehashed downloadable PDF “based on” plans that companies are charging upwards of £12 a copy for.


If you don’t want to pay upwards of £30 for a second hand exercise book, or £12 - £24 for a PDF rehash of Dr Orban’s plans, you can download the PDFs below. These have been taken from online open sources and are therefore assumed to be out of copyright considering they are at least seventy years old.

Please be aware that although we will suggest stretches and refer to fitness professionals here at State 11 Soft Tissue Therapy, we are not trainers or doctors. You should not progress faster through Dr Orban’s plans than he recommended, and nothing on this page is a substitute for a medical check up or medical advice in relation to what level of exercise you should be doing based on your fitness and health.

Royal Canadian Airforce 5BX Plan (PDF version) for men

Royal Canadian Airforce XBX Plan (PDF version) for woman